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Motor Oil produces and offers petroleum products and lubricants that meet the most stringent European and international specifications. MOH utilising its state of the art 186,000 barrels per day Corinth Refineries produces the entire range of refinery products, from light ends and gasoline to middle distillates, fuel, bitumen, paraffin. sulphur and lubricants and has the necessary flexibility to provide customized (tailor made) products designed to meet clients specific requirements.

Within the refinery complex, strategically located at the commercial crossroad of the Eastern Mediterranean Motor Oil has an installed storage capacity of 2.5 million cubic meters which serves both the refinery operations as well as storage and processing arrangements for crude and products for third parties.

Refinery and storage operations are served by use of an owned sea terminal which can accommodate vessels up to the size of a ULCC; one of the few ports in the Med that can accommodate such capacity. Also, a fully operational truck loading terminal delivers products to continental Greece and the region of South East Europe.

Motor Oil can serve the needs of any customer and for further inquiries on our products and services please email us at [email protected] or visit thecontacts page.

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