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Natural Gas

Motor Oil since 2008 has been active in the gas market in order to supply effectively with natural gas its Corinth Refineries, consuming more than 10,000MWh per day. Moreover, Motor Oil has been leading the developments towards the liberalization of the Greek natural gas market since 2010, by importing LNG cargoes

Due to its strategic position between European & International markets, with presence in both upstream and downstream oil & gas, Motor Oil through a portfolio of diversified sources of natural gas supply, provides:

  • High level of expertise due to the accumulated experience in the supply of natural gas,
  • Security of supply and efficient transmission/distribution services
  • Customized commercial and pricing terms based on industrial customer analysis consumption profile
  • Know-how on conventional and alternative fuels
  • Expertise in first activation – gas connection processes

Motor Oil can serve the needs of any industrial and large commercial customer. For further inquiries on natural gas supply and services please email us at [email protected] or visit the contacts page.



Natural gas is one of the cleaner, safer and most useful sources of energy.
Natural gas primarily consists of methane (> 85%), is colorless and odorless, and its artificial odor helps to detect leackages.

The natural gas network in Greece is operated and maintained 24 hours a day by the network operator and Gas Distribution Companies on the basis of modern and rigorous standards and specifications. In cases where immediate intervention is required, please notify the appropriate party, depending on your location.

Natural Gas Uses

Natural gas is a clean and environmentally friendly fossil fuel with the lowest emissions or residuals among conventional fuels.

Natural gas has many uses:

  • As chemical feedstock & fuel for industrial applications
  • Cogeneration (simultaneous production of thermal energy and power)
  • Heating – Air conditioning, hot water, cooking

Motor Oil can serve the needs of any customer and for further inquiries on natural gas procurement and services please email us at at [email protected] or visit the contacts page.

Natural Gas supply

Motor oil, having a natural gas supply portfolio corresponding to 10% of the Greek natural gas market, is addressing industrial and large commercial consumers for their natural gas supply needs, pursuant to RAE’s decision (1096/20.12.2017) which granted Motor oil its supply license. Specifically, Motor oil offers:

  • Customized supply solutions, which guarantee the security of supply at the best possible way for the consumer
  • Regulated transmission and distribution charges
  • Transmission charges, as published by the Transmission System Operator taking into account also the consumption profile of each client
  • Distribution charges, as published by the respective Distribution System Operators, namely:

For Attiki region:
For Thessanoliki and Thessalia region:
For the rest of Greece:



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