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Human Resources

Human Resources

Our people are the most important resource for our success.

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In this context we have established an organised and up to date Human Resources Division for the company aimed at identifying, attracting, developing and retaining qualified employees and executives. 

We aim to provide a safe and creative workplace, which promotes trust, team spirit and respect for people, along with effectiveness.

We are committed to providing the best possible working conditions, securing respect for human rights and for the freedom of association, upholding nondiscrimination and providing equal opportunities for learning and personal development.

We support equal treatment for men and women, with equal opportunities for all. However, owing to the nature of the work and the skills required at the refinery, the percentage of women employees is relatively low. Thus, in 2019, on average, 11% of all employees were female, while at the Group Offices, the number of women rises to 38%. 

The average age of the workforce was 45.1 years for 2019 while the length of employment was 16.9 years a fact that re-emphasizes the long-term employment of our people.   

We place significant emphasis of the level of education of our people and our primary goal is to attract, grow and maintain employees that are highly trained and capable. 

Ongoing education

Investment in ongoing training for our employees is a strategic choice and a key element in the process of aligning our workforce’s skills with the full range of objectives and ambitions of the company.

Therefore, Motor Oil designs and implements each year, a comprehensive program of education and in-house training for employees. The basic objective served by this program, is to continually enrich the vocational knowledge of our employees, expanding their range of skills, while also upgrading their level of technical training, allowing them to carry out their everyday and more long-term tasks.

In 2019 we materialized educational programs that counted for 30,263 manhours involving the participation of 81% of the company’s employees. 

Percentage of trainees over the total workforce (%)

Man-hours devoted to each educational area (%) Total hours = 30,983