MORE (Motor Oil Renewable Energy) is a subsidiary company of the Motor Oil Group and is dynamically active in the field of clean energy production.

The company is currently operating 280MW of Wind/PV Assets and it has new upcoming projects which will strengthen the existing RES portfolio with an additional number of 21 wind farms and 7 storage units. MORE has under construction RES units with 84 MW of capacity and licenses for development, totaling circa 550 MW.

With a vision to play a leading role in the energy transition and in the field of renewable energy sources (RES), the Motor Oil Group, in May 2022, came to an agreement with Ellaktor Group. With this agreement, MORE becomes one of the largest producers of energy from renewable sources, reaching 800MW of capacity in operating projects and a portfolio totaling circa 2.3 GW which is under construction and development.

The company grows rapidly with responsibility and consistency, implementing, through strategic investments and collaborations, projects of great value and importance in new, innovative energy valleys in the country.

MORE’s vision is, through the innovative development of its units and services, to produce more clean energy, and create more alternatives for a sustainable future for all. Having as guarantee the credibility and confidence inspired by the Motor Oil Group’s name, as well as the stability and financial health, MORE dares and invests, looking to the future.



Irodou Attikou 12A, 15124,

Marousi, Athens, Greece

General Manager

Victor Papaconstantinou



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