THALIS has more than twenty years of experience in environmental management in Greece and in the international market, offers high quality services combining contractor, construction and operational know-how and experience and supports the transition to the circular economy.

THALIS focuses on dynamic market segments invests in innovation and development of new products and services promotes excellence in construction and operations, contributing to the formation of a dynamic market environment by adopting sustainable organization and management solutions.

The company has completed over 230 projects involving the construction of environmental infrastructure, smart water networks, as well as land reclamation and restoration. The company currently operates 30 facilities for treatment and management of solid waste, sewage and energy production and manages 420,000 tons of waste per year and 100,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day while process 750 cubic meters of leachates per day.

Thalis annually recycles 5,500 tons of valuable materials. With these interventions the company addresses the needs of more than 1,500,000 persons.

THALIS offers a wide range of integrated, sustainable solutions along the solid waste value chain. The company utilizes the most reliable technologies, builds, and operates waste and bio-waste treatment units, manage special waste streams and undertake productive investments in RES. Thalis achieves high levels of recycling and recovery of materials and energy as part of the transition process to a circular economy.

The company supports local communities and public utilities throughout the water and waste value chain by upgrading their critical operational capabilities, such as large infrastructures, networks, pumping stations, refineries, Waste Treatment Plants, management, and control systems and enables the digital transition of water systems.

THALIS is involved in energy recovery projects from waste (biogas) and in the optimization of the energy footprint of environmental infrastructure installations through the installation of RES systems.

The company designs and executes major land rehabilitation projects removing hazardous substances, regenerating the environment with the aim of redeveloping mining and waste sites.

THALIS develops its activities within a framework of sustainability and for this reason it promotes solutions for the transition to a circular economy, tackling climate change and strengthening the resilience of environmental infrastructure.

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