About us

About us

Motor Oil Group is a leader in the energy sector – in Greece and in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.

It supports the economy with exports to over 75 countries, thousands of employees, and continuous new investments.

Motor Oil Group has 92 individual companies and directly employs 3,000 permanent workers. More than 1,500 gas stations operate with the emblems of Motor Oil’s subsidiary companies, in Greece, as well as in foreign countries. The Group has branches in 8 different countries.

The company plays a leading role in the sectors of crude oil refining and marketing of petroleum products in Greece, as well as the greater eastern Mediterranean region, supplying its customers with a wide range of high-quality products.

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It is noted that It is recalled that the Group’s Refinery, located in Ag. Theodoroi in Corinth is the largest purely private industrial complex in Greece and is considered one of the most modern refineries in Europe with a complexity index of 12.61 (Nelson Complexity Index).

The construction of the Naphtha Treatment Complex was recently completed and the investment in a new propylene unit will soon begin. At the same time, investments are continuing in the energy upgrade and infrastructure optimization at the Refinery.

It has the capacity to process various types of crude oil and manufactures a wide range of oil products. It supplies commercial oil companies in Greece, but the bulk of its production is sold abroad. Moreover, it is the only refinery that produces base oils in Greece. The technical sophistication of the refinery allows Motor Oil to manufacture products with high added value, adjusting the final product mix to market needs, ensuring better distribution prices, and achieving better refining margins than other composite refineries in the Mediterranean.

We are an energy group that creates value with consistency and responsibility.

In the Group level, Motor Oil has a significant presence in trade due to the liquid fuel retail networks of its subsidiaries AVIN OIL and Coral (formerly SHELL HELLAS S.A.). In 2017, Coral entered Cyprus’ retail market through its subsidiary Coral Energy Products Cyprus Limited and in 2018 the Serbian market through its subsidiary Coral SRB d.o.o Beograd. In Coral entered the markets of Croatia and Northern Macedonia.

In the lubricants sector, the Group is represented by its subsidiary, LPC S.A. LPC is active in the industrial production of basic lubricants, the production, and trade of packaged lubricants and the sale of paraffin. The company exports its products to more than 55 countries and is the agent for internationally known VALVOLINE lubricants in Greece.

The Group enjoys a presence in the liquefied gas sector through Coral Gas S.A. The company stores, packages and markets bottled and bulk liquefied gas and liquefied gas for vehicles (autogas). In 2017, the company established a subsidiary in Cyprus intending to expand its activities abroad.

Additionally, the Group has a presence in the power and natural gas market thought its subsidiary NRG TRADING HOUSE ENERGY S.A. NRG offers electricity and natural gas programs, and primarily aims to provide comprehensive services to home and commercial consumers through top-level services that meet all energy needs. The Group continues to invest in E-mobility developing strategic partnerships and continuously equipping its gas stations with charging points. In fact, 1,000 electric vehicle charging points and installation of fast chargers are expected by 2023. By 2030, the target is to reach 4,000 charging points. With a market share of more than 30%, Motor Oil through its brands Coral and Avin (in Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, and Cyprus) intends to develop attractive customer destinations across the retail network, facilitating the penetration of e-mobility into the lives of citizens.

The newly established subsidiary MORE is growing dynamically, with investments and projects of high value and pivotal importance. It is noted that after the agreement with ELLAKTORAS, the Group is closer to its next target of an installed capacity of about 1 GW, which will be able to supply green energy to about half a million households. At the same time, MORE will have a portfolio of projects in various stages of development with a capacity of more than 2.2 GW. Over a ten-year period, MORE aims to maximise value and further expansion by targeting an installed capacity of 2 GW by 2030.

In the context of energy transition, Motor Oil Group is constantly investing in circular economy and renewable and alternative fuels that will ensure a sustainable future. In the last two years significant investments have been made in these two areas. Indicatively, the joint venture with PPC to produce green hydrogen, the construction, in cooperation with GEK TERNA, of the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant fueled with natural gas in Komotini.

To this direction the Group acquired 100% of Thalis E.S., one of the most dynamic representatives in the circular economy sector in Greece. Waste management has a prominent position among the dynamically developing activities of Motor Oil Group.

Developing its strategy for the Energy of the future at a steady pace, Motor Oil Group entered into a Sale-Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of all the shares of the company “ELIN VERD SA – SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES”. Following the acquisition of VERD, Motor Oil Group is paving the way in investing and operating in renewable and alternative fuels sector and circular economy through the utilization of bio-based products, and waste products to produce energy and new, more environmentally friendly fuels.

In addition, the construction of a floating storage and regasification unit, FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) is already in the Market Test. DiorigaGas A.E., is a strategic project of international scope. A new import gateway that will serve natural gas consumers in Greece and Southeastern Europe.

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