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On June 30th, 2010 MOTOR OIL (HELLAS) CORINTH REFINERIES S.A. announced the completion of the acquisition of all SHELL downstream assets in Greece through the purchase of all “Shell Hellas S.A.” and “Shell Gas A.E.B.E.Y.” shares. 

Following a decision by the General Assembly of “Shell Hellas S.A.” shareholders dated June 29, 2010 the legal name of the company changed to “Coral A.E.”.

The acquisition agreement included the operations of SHELL in retail, commercial and industrial fuels, bitumen, supply and distribution operations, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), chemicals and the lubricants production blending plant. 

The SHELL network of retail stations will retain the SHELL trade mark and will keep selling SHELL products according to the Trademark Licensing Agreement signed between SHELL and MOTOR OIL. 

SHELL has been conducting its endeavors in Greece since 1926 and throughout this long period of time the company has demonstrably proved its interest in Greek society welfare, contributing to the national economy of the country both by the means of continuous investments and employment opportunities created. Today the personnel headcount of the company amounts to 283 individuals.

With 763 retail stations operating under the SHELL trade mark (data as of 31.12.2019), the company has a market share of 24.74%  in automotive gasoline and is the leader in the Greek market.

The company’s main activities involve the distribution and marketing of a wide range of oil products, including gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricants through its retail network. Its activities also cover industrial and commercial sectors, marine and chemicals.

Furthermore, “Coral Α.Ε.” has a stake of 100% in the companies “ERMIS A.E.M.E.E” and “MYRTEA A.E.”  which manage retail sites,"CORAL PRODUCTS AND TRADING" which engages in the trading of petroleum products and "CORAL INNOVATIONS A.E. which engages in commerce and the provision of services . In addition, “Coral Α.Ε.” has a stake of 37.5% in “R.A.P.I A.E.” a company managing oil depots and 49% in “SHELL & MOH AVIATION FUELS S.A.” a joint venture for the marketing and supply of Aviation Fuels under the Shell trademark in Greece.

The vision of “Coral Α.Ε.” in Greece is to be the customer’s first choice, a company with human face, distinguished for its respect to the environment. Its strategy is to upgrade its services on a continuous basis, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and its customers, and to differentiate from its competitors at all levels. The company’s daily operations and those of its partners are all governed by the company’s General Business Principles and code of ethics, which involve the application of the principles of sustainable growth, development of a proper framework for health, safety and the environment, compliance with legislation, and implementation of an ongoing programme of corporate social responsibility, responding sensitively to the contemporary problems of the society.

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