19 Jan 2023
minutes read

Start of production operation of S/4HANA system

Following the successful digitization of the refinery’s health and safety processes, as well as the adoption of artificial intelligence solutions for the refinery’s equipment, Motor Oil completed its transition to the SAP S/4HANA platform with the start of production operation of the company’s new enterprise resource management system.

The new S/4HANA system covers a very wide range of business operations including Financial Applications, Applications for covering the Supply and Trading processes as well as Production, Quality Control, Maintenance and Project Monitoring applications. The new system takes full advantage of the capabilities of Fiori’s S/4HANA applications, providing users with not only a new friendly environment but also with capabilities for alerts, workflows, and analytics.

The implementation of the new SAP S/4HANA system is the result of a complex and demanding project for which executives from the General Divisions of Finance, Supply & Trading, Refinery, and IT of Motor Oil collaborated, as well as from Real Consulting, which was the contractor of the project.

Motor Oil Group, which completed 50 years of presence in the energy sector of Greece, remains an leading force and is constantly evolving with investments that expand but also sustainably transform its operation. The aim of the operation of the new S/4 HANA information system is to strengthen and further develop the digital solutions of the Motor Oil Group. Aiming to lead the energy transition, the Group develops and utilizes state-of-the-art technologies that strengthen its digital footprint, contribute significantly to the implementation of its strategic goals, and promote new projects and forms of energy, that are sustainable, responsible and innovative.