19 Jan 2021

Reorganization of the Board as a Body Corporate

Pursuant to article 2 of the Decision 3/347/12.7.2005 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, it is hereby announced that the Board of the Company in its meeting dated 18 January 2021 reorganized as a Body Corporate as follows:

Vardis J. Vardinoyannis – Chairman, Non-Executive Member

Yannis V. Vardinoyannis – Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Executive Μember

Demosthenes N. Vardinoyannis – Non-Executive Μember

George P. Alexandridis – Νon Executive Μember

John N. Kosmadakis – Deputy Managing Director, Executive Μember

Petros Τ. Tzannetakis – Deputy Managing Director, Executive Μember

Michael-Matheos J. Stiakakis – Executive Μember

Theofanis Chr. Voutsaras – Executive Μember

Niki D. Stoufi – Non-Executive Member

Antonios Th. Theocharis – Νon Executive / Independent Μember

Anastasios-Elias Chr. Triantaphyllidis – Νon Executive / Independent Μember

Panayotis J. Constantaras – Non-Executive / Independent Member


The term of the Board expires on the next Annual Ordinary General Assembly of Company shareholders.


Maroussi, 19 January 2021

The Board of Directors