27 Jun 2022
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Motor Oil receives two Bravo Sustainability Awards

The Motor Oil Group was among the winners of the Bravo Sustainability Awards 2022, organized by the QualityNet Foundation.

Motor Oil was given awards for:

– Sustainability Strategy: distinction for the development of an effective sustainability strategy to support the energy transition and for the continuous improvement of ESG efficiency.

– Protection & Conservation of Ecosystems: distinction for the Forest Program: Adoption of the Center for the Processing, Control and Certification of Forest Reproductive Material of the General Directorate of Forests and Forest Environment of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, in Amygdaleza, Attica. The “Sustainable Forests” program holistically addresses forest ecosystems, taking care of all phases of their life cycle and enhancing all levels of biodiversity.

Helena Athoussaki, Head of ESG, Sustainability & Climate Change, stated “It is an important distinction for the Group. It is a recognition of all our efforts and initiatives towards achieving the climate and environmental goals of our country.”