Save Energy at Home

Take action at home – produce less CO2

By following the ten simple guidelines below, whose application will have no effect on your comfort, you can significantly reduce the energy consumed at home, save money and make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions:

1. Switch off lights that you do not need.                                          

2. Avoid leaving electrical/electronic devices in stand-by mode: your television, computer, printer, stereo, DVD player, etc. 

3. Replace regular incandescent lamps with energy efficient fluorescent lamps. They cost more, but their average life is 10 times greater and their energy consumption is around 75% lower.   

4. Mind your home air-conditioning: choose A/A+ energy class air conditioners, with suitable power (BTU), and in summer set the temperature at no lower than 27°C. 

5. Mind your home heating: with good insulation, setting the temperature at 20°-21°C and regular servicing of your burner, you can achieve fuel savings and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

6. Replace electrical water heaters with solar panels.   

7. “Low-carbon” kitchen: kitchen electrical appliances are particularly energy-consuming. Make sure that cooking utensils fit your cooker properly. Add as much water as necessary when preparing food. Do not leave the refrigerator door open unnecessarily. Put food in the refrigerator after it is cold and defrost regularly if the refrigerator does not defrost automatically. Wait until your dishwasher is full before operating it. 

8. Choose low temperature programmes when washing clothes, wash when the machine is full and avoid peak hours, using the electricity night charges.  

9. Buy Α/Α+ energy class electrical appliances: they consume less electricity and produce lower CO2 emissions.

10. Recycle: recycling is one of the most efficient ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Home CO2 Calculator

 Use the CO2 calculator,, to calculate how much CO2 is emitted to produce the electricity you consume at home. 


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