Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility


We stand side by side with the community, offering consistent and long-lasting support.


Our standing objective is to follow a course of constant growth and creation of value for all stakeholders, effectively playing our social role, and increasing our contribution to society.


Our sense of responsibility to society is expressed, first and foremost, through our contribution to the general recovery and consolidation of our nation’s economy. It is of vital importance to us that our activities should benefit the society in general, by way of direct and indirect job creation, fostering local entrepreneurial activity and purchasing goods and services from domestic and local suppliers.

Moreover, we wish to see all our business activities interact positively and productively with the social environment in which we operate. It is for these reasons that the Motor Oil Group implements a programme of donations and sponsorships, addressed directly to local communities, designed to help improve the quality of life, protect the environment and foster a healthy social and cultural life in local communities and across the country as a whole. In this context, in 2018 we spent 4.6 million euros on Social Solidarity projects and various sponsorships.


It is one of the Group’s strategic objectives to bring prosperity to the communities around or in the general area of its refinery and the facilities of its commercial companies through job creation, support for the local market, and general social care.


Social Solidarity and Sponsorships

Through our social responsibility projects, we endeavour to provide ongoing, consistent support for the community and particularly for those pillars that improve the community’s quality of life: education, healthcare, culture, sports and entrepreneurship.

In 2018, as in previous years, our Group’s social actions focused on the financing and promotion of social solidarity programmes across the country, though our primary focus was mainly on organisations and agencies based in municipalities in the vicinity of our facilities.

Our key objective was to provide relief to the most vulnerable social groups and to meet their basic needs. To this end, we have promoted actions designed to assist our fellow citizens, while also supporting cultural agencies, educational institutions, organisations engaged in charitable and humanitarian work, as well as local government agencies.

The actions we supported are in line with the following key axes:

• Social solidarity

• Culture

• Youth - education

Allocation of Social Solidarity Funds (thousand €)




Social Solidarity






Youth (education, sports)



Heating oil







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