Community Involvement

MOTOR OIL is a founding member of the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility(  and as a responsible and active corporate citizen strives to ensure that its activities have a positive and productive impact on the social environment in which it functions. Placing particular emphasis on the community in its threefold “economy-environment-community” involvement, it recognizes the value of fulfilling its civic role, with the aim of contributing to economic growth and promoting communal and cultural life in the area where the refinery is located, as well as in society as a whole. This contribution is consistently based on the long time tradition and corporate aims and values of MOTOR OIL, and is manifested with multiple activities.

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Contribution to local communities

MOTOR OIL actively and regularly contributes to social, cultural and athletic activities of its neighboring communities. It supports initiatives which promote these areas and facilitate their development. It seeks to upgrade its relations with local communities through creative dialogue, so as to utilize synergies, leading to more tangible results than merely meeting social needs. To the municipalities near the refinery site – Corinth, Loutraki, AghioiTheodoroi, Saronikos and Solygia – every year and in a consistent manner, offers:

·         financial support for the organization of cultural, social and sports events,

·         financial aid to various associations in the area,

·         support for social solidarity projects,

·         assistance in the development of the local workforce through educational and cultural initiatives, and

·         financial aid for local infrastructure projects which have a social impact.

Characteristic examples of such local initiatives include:

-  The annual money donations to meet part of the heating expenses during the winter for a large number of schools and other institutions in the area of the refinery, as well as of a large number of similar recipients in other regions of the country.

-  The annual donations of medical equipment to thelocal health centers and hospitals.

-   The company covers the nutrition program of the elderly rehabilitation centers of the municipalities of AghioiTheodori and Corinth.

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Broader social contribution

Our company’s primary objective is to promote and support actions designed to relieve the needs of less advantaged social groups. To this end, the company offers help to agencies that have demonstrated significant work in this area over a number of years.

In 2013, as in previous years, with the economic crisis continuing to have a serious impact on the country and on our fellow citizens, we have made donations to organizations, institutions and agencies intended, inter alia, to provide relief to impoverished families and help them with their most basic needs. We have provided support for many community actions, provided food for the indigent through municipal and church organizations, supported the work of charitable organizations and foundations, supported actions for health and supplied large quantities of heating oil to the municipalities bordering on our refinery facilities and other selected areas across the country.

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